October Energy Transmission – Postcards From The Void

?? I’ve been (and still am) working very deeply with The Void energy. September brought us to a space that allows us to see very clearly where we still have parts to Love and witness. ? The integration of these aspects brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to fill in more of the picture. The Void offers us the opportunity to sit with our Self free from stories or illusions, and the distortions of history. ? It’s deeply transformational and not for the faint of heart. Are you ready to really know yourself in a way you’ve never done before? Dive into The Void. All of this and more in the October Energy Transmission.

✨ The Void Series is a three part online event (done via Zoom) beginning on Sunday, October 11th. It’s a deep exploration of actively working with The Void and the frequency of that energy. Every participant receives an MP3 pf each day’s work, even if they can’t attend live.
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October Energy Transmission - Postcards From The Void

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