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The Osiris Diaries – Dropping Distraction

Another installment from Osiris today. This one hit REALLY close to home. The topics of commitment, focus, discipline, and distraction
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The Osiris Diaries – Is It Real?

It’s been a very interesting experience getting to know Osiris. What’s been amazing to me, is the amount of pressure
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11:11 Transmission With Osiris

Once again, I am called to step forward with information that (for me) feels incomplete or half baked. The phrase
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October Update – A Mountain of Remembrance

“You are sitting on a mountain of remembrance” That phrase has been rolling around in my head for the past
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October Energy Transmission – Postcards From The Void

?? I’ve been (and still am) working very deeply with The Void energy. September brought us to a space that
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September Energy Transmission – In the Void

Here we are in September, and it’s a big old void! Yep, this month is aaaaaaall about letting it be.
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August Update – Find Your Middle Path

Increasingly we are seeing polarity/duality ramping up in our collective. You’re either THIS or you’re THAT! The middle ground would
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August Energy Transmission – Created or Creator?

August always feels like the month where things start moving forward physically. I often feel like the first part of

The World Needs Your Vision

I think we will look back on this year and see that it has been one of the most pivotal

Life is The Practice

My journey back to Self that officially began in 2012 changed everything. I was turned upside down and inside out.