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You Are Inherently Powerful

You are always creating the perfect circumstances to remind you of the truth that you are a being of immense
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July 2017 Energy Forecast Live: The Rise of the Light

I’ve got some practical tips for you at the end of the video for how to contend with this month’s
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The Importance of Being Human

There’s this loop that we often get stuck in in spiritual circles where we are trying so hard to escape
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Challenge Follow Up – The Power of Deliberate Choice

The Power of Deliberate Choice – Following up on the video challenge I threw out in the “Choose More of
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Higher Levels Open Now

I am in London sitting at Starbucks. It’s funny how I avoid Starbucks at home, but when I am abroad
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Choose More of What You Desire

I’ve got a challenge for you this week! Watch the video to join the challenge and say “Yes” to consciously
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The circumstances of your experience are a catalyst. A catalyst for transformation. You’ve designed your life (consciously, unconsciously, and superconsciously)
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Full Moon, Current Energies, London and More!

This full moon is all about truth! In order to find our purpose, we gotta get real with ourselves. In
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You Are the One Who Remains

You are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions. You are the one who remains after the thoughts and
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Lose Your Beliefs

Belief doesn’t tell you what’s true. Only you know what truth feels like. Beliefs can leave you blind. Beliefs tell