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Awareness in Action

Where is your awareness right now? Are you fretting about the future or stuck in regret about the past? Are
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September 2016 Energy Forecast – The Acceleration

A few days ago my guides, The Lighted Ones came through with a channelled message about how we as a
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Remain Curious About Now

Guidance, insight, epiphany, inspiration, clarity…it’s all only accessible in the present moment. it’s not back there in the past or
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The Accelerated Timeline Has Been Chosen

 I have been getting a message from TLO (The Lighted Ones) over the past few days about an accelerated ascension
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Emotional Liability 

We live in a society where by and large we’ve been told our emotions are a sign of weakness. “Stop
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Exploring The New Age: The Interviews

I had an awesome opportunity to join Julien Wells and Don Murphy on their show “Exploring The New Age” last
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Effort & Success

Unless you’re a professional powerlifter, your success isn’t only measured by how much effort you can exert. Ultimately how you
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Is it Sustainable Part 3 – Move To Action

Part One of “Is it Sustainable?” presented you with a simple but challenging question. Part Two gave you some ways
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That Voice is Wrong 

A cognitive understanding of why we feel unworthy is useful up to a certain point. It’s important to know why
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August 2016 Energy Update – The 5D Experience

Half way through August and we are still rocketing along. The Lion’s Gate Portal cleared a new level of energy